Why Economic & Activation Managers are attending CityIGNITE

Are you an Economic Development or Activation Manager?

We are in a new era of city competition. The rigid global urban hierarchy is breaking down as cities increasingly specialise in niche markets, enabling more cities than ever to ‘go global’. This is fundamentally changing the economic development strategy within cities.

Economic Development and Activation Managers are tasked with promoting and supporting economic prosperity, employment, investment and prosperity within the city.

They need to be energetic problem-solvers who can build more competitive, resilient economies through new collaborations with public, private, and civic leaders.



Ensure the continued expansion of the economic prosperity of the City with investment attraction strategies, enhanced business development and retention strategies, as well as tourism and visitor experience strategies
Promote and support economic prosperity, employment, investment and growth in the City
Lead and manage the economic development strategy & teams
Lead the City and Place Activation team and ensure that city wide activation and placemaking strategies are a key focus
Forge collaborations in research, innovation, skills development, and modern infrastructure that together create the inputs for long-term success




Ingeborg Rocker, VP Strategy & Digital Transformation, Dassault Systemes, USA discusses how data can be captured and used to allow economic developers, businesses and governments to make more informed decisions on everything

Julieta Talavera from The Connectors Society in Sweden will share insights from her work with cities in Sweden on “how to use data and technology to drive decisions about everything from jobs, healthcare, transportation and procurement while delivering transparency and community engagement”

Pablo Pujadas Alvarez has done a lot of work with the City of Barcelona, recognised as one of the smartest cities in the world. He will deliver a talk on how resilience and sustainability drivers are impacting on city design

Oakley Kwon from QLD Government has pioneered and championed innovation programs that have won awards and achieved outstanding results. With her unique insights, Oakley will provide you with strategies to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Be.Bendigo has an ambitious agenda to drive business development in their region by supporting entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprise and large businesses. CEO, Leah Sertori will show you how to collaborate with industry, incubators and research institutions to boost city competitiveness.

Phil Kim from Jerde focuses on Placemaking and complex urban projects that have helped rejuvenate key Asia Pacific cities – He’ll tell you why citizen centered design defines truly smart cities

Caitlin Bladin manages the ACT Government City Activation Agenda through an ongoing conversation with the community – hear her discuss how to use community engagement to activate the city

Jobs for NSW, Ipswich City Council and University of Sydney Business school discuss how cities can create the framework necessary for innovation

Get involved in a high caliber interactive panel session which investigates the role of co-working spaces and innovation precincts in building a resilient city

The team from Think Place will show you how to structure PPPs that enable true collaboration between communities, government and industry


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