Why Resilience and Sustainability officers are attending CityIGNITE

Are you a Chief Resilience Officer or Sustainability Leader?

The modern city is being taxed and tested in ways that have never been seen before: population density, climate change, economic instability, social inequality, migration, and resource scarcity.

Every city needs to develop and implement a resilience strategy in order to withstand shocks and stresses like these and bounce back stronger – enter the Chief Resilience Officer.



Increase city resilience — from building infrastructure, to financing climate-adaptable projects
Communicate with multiple sectors and disciplines such as transportation, energy, healthcare, housing, education, and community engagement to drive resilience outcomes
Influence and enlist colleagues and city residents to activate the city’s resilience strategy
Get the community on board - understand the community and establish strong engagement with municipal leader, city residents, and key stakeholders




Hear Matt Kean, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation at NSW Government will discuss how cities can use digital technology to engage and empower citizens.

Rob Roggema, Professor of Sustainable Urban Environments at University of Technology will share lessons from the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) global urbanization project and explain how to create economic value while improving living conditions of citizens.

Ingeborg Rocker, VP Strategy & Digital Transformation, Dassault Systemes, USA will discuss “government as a platform” and how to create urban resilience and revitalize communities through connected technology.

Julieta Talavera from The Connectors Society in Sweden will share insights from her work with cities in Sweden on “how to use data and technology to drive decisions about everything from jobs, healthcare, transportation and procurement while delivering transparency and community engagement”

Pablo Pujadas Alvarez has done a lot of work with the City of Barcelona, recognised as one of the smartest cities in the world. He will deliver a talk on how resilience and sustainability drivers are impacting the evaluation of city design

Get involved in a high caliber interactive panel session which investigates the role of co-working spaces and innovation precincts in building a resilient city

Participate in “deep dive” sessions aimed at solving major city challenges through collaborative partnerships – Housing affordability, mobility, energy sustainability, public safety, open data and inclusion and diversity are all focus areas.


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